Get plenty of rest and drink a good amount of water.
Good rest every night
Connecting and communication with other Mito sufferers around the world, sharing experiences.
Having a warm bath helps to ease my muscle pain.
My mum and dad
A strong support system
Magonate and Tricitrates
Lots of rest
Co-Enzyme Q10
Cymbalta is seriously a gift sent from God for me! Before I was on it, I was suffering from nerve pain so bad that I was literally crying on the floor every night, yelling at my family to just kill me and put me out of my misery. Now that I'm on the medic
coming to terms of having the disease and excepting what I CAN do
Medical MJ.
my "Mito coctail" of vitamins
Getting a diagnosis
Mitochondrial disease cocktail & other supplements.
My moms support
Went on the Kenogenic Diet with no sugars (high fat/high protein) June 2013 and my pain levels went to half what they had been.
less stress
Warm Baths for the pain along with pain medication
Getting enough rest/sleep makes a difference in my energy.
My three kids give me every day the strong to life.
levocarnitine changed my mobility in the short term, i went from not walking to walking
walking everyday has helped me to be more active
My Drs Knowledge with diagnosis at MGH Treated with cocktail tailored for me.Sent me to Mito nutritionist which was key with the cocktail.
Years to find a pharmaceutical cocktail to help with the spasms
Rest rest rest
Strict healthy diet with lots of water
Pharmacy Brand Levocarnitine helped more than anything
Giving your body the rest it needs can make a huge difference in how you feel. Listen to your body warning signs that tell you to take a break.
Alpha lipoic acid 600 mg/day (supplement)
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Getting a manual wheelchair gives me some freedom
Increased water intake
Nutritional management
Diet with schedule ,Excercise,bring food and drink everytime you leave the house.
support from family
Suplementação polivitamínica (especialmente vit. complexo B, E, C e D)
Exercising more, but not strenght exercises
Sling surgery on both eyelids
Take your suppliments and vitamins plus any and all medications that were prescribed to you by your Neurologist or doctors who is treating you.
Phone time with friends
Rest and rehydration
Pacing myself, not walking too far at once, breaking my journey into small stages. Try to avoid walking down stairs.