Listen to your body & slow down or stop when you need to
Exercise on a daily basis
Hobbies, distractions.
Predisone helps take the edge off.
Plaquenil to slow the progression of the disease
Began my journey after the birth of my daughter at age 32. I am now 59.
Plaquenil has given me better days.
I stopped pretending I was well
adequate sleep
Starting a Paleo diet has really helped
Meditation and Music help with staying centered
Finally got put on medicine to treat this disease
Hydroxychloroquine makes a difference
On Methotrexate now for joint pain
Resting when my body says enough!
Being my own advocate.
Antidepressants and herbal medicine seem to help me feel less depressed
CBD balm
Join support group
Dr.Teals wellness therapy with rosemary and mint epson salt soaking solution....
Less UV exposure
I am writing a book
Keeping a positive attitude
Rest. Plenty of rest.
Eating like a cave man. Ie. Non processed healthy food
Medical Marijuana helps with anxiety and chronic pain
Find a good rheumatologist that knows you condition
Eat grass fed beef and free range chicken, as well eliminateing most wheat and grains
Benlysta injections
Heating blankets and pads.
The support of my husband and kids who step up when I need to rest
It started with pain everywhere. Stiffness was the main thing.
Having an online support group
I took back control of my health
clean eating
Started juicing
Anti-inflammatory diet
My mom has bought me different pillows for neck issues
Losing weight has helped
No alcohol
Finding a doctor who listened.
Got to have self-compassion, self-love and hope to get thru these..
Leg elevation
Have good dr that are open to discussing anything and everything