Reading! Reading! Reading! About MEN1
Being a patient of Univeristy of Pennsylvania and their team of experts in MEN 1.
Parathyroid surgery to remove all but 1/2 of a parathyroid gland
Joining Amend, patient support group
Rest rest rest
im new
Heating Pad
talking to others with the same condition
Talking with people who have the condition
Suspicion in 2013; Confirmed in 2017
cannabis oil
Asking questions
American Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia support group online.
Sharing the fight with my mother and 2 sisters who all have MEN1 and getting yearly medical tests (scans/bloodwork) and care at NIH (MEN1 Research Study) and joining private MEN Facebook group for discussion with other MEN patients and access to education
Learning all I can about the disorder
Use your spoons with your day in mind
im scared
Finding new positive information
Good support system
Expert medical care
Originally presented with high calcium linked to hyperparathyroidism - abnormal for someone my age.
proper nutrition
Meeting others with MEN1
Careful treatment, annual scans and blood work has kept things in check.
Sleep, massage, physical therapy to strengthen muscles, relaxation, antidepressant meds, vitamins
Speaking to other patients
Have a team
my family needs me i cant die
Good doctors
Faith in myself
My children
prescription digestive enzymes