Be positive!
Be positive!
Aquatic Exercises
We are not alone with this desease.
excellent orthopedic doctors
excellent orthopedic doctors
Trust in the Lord
having plates put in my legs
A knowledgeable specialist
Support group
Physical therapy
Correct painkillers and medication management
Aqua therapy has helped tremendously with joint pain and stiffness
Queria que a vida fosse mais feliz ..sem dor
I had to do a pelvic surgery
Self acceptance
I keep my self going no matter what
Help eachother, support groups on Facebook -click on: view more
keep moving
keep moving
You are not made wrong, God doesn't make mistakes
the support of my family
Appropriate medication
Acquatic exercises
Surgeons who have a knowledge of MED
Amo muito a minha filha
Comer mejor
I had to do a hip joint surgery
Have a laugh with friends and family
Have a laugh with friends and family
Accepting and living by your boundries
There is a patient organization for Dutch-speaking patients. Become a member ! !
strong faith in God
strong faith in God
Do what you can. Be your own boss. It's your body!!
having a good consultant
Keeping a low weight
The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC
Staying a healthy weight.
Acompanhamento multidisciplinar importante
Hablar con los demás de mi enfermedad
My family has always tried to support me