Please stay in touch with Multiple System Atrophy Coalition
Getting outside and walking, either with my rolleator or cane. Now up to 3000 steps a day. I will be increasing to 5000 soon.
aphomorfine in continous infusion
Depends or always underwear
My sister Diana, she always stays positive.
Resting after a day of adventure
Regular physical exercise
Keeping moving. I cycle on my adult tricycle every other day. I go to the gym and lift weights 5 times a week. I try to walk 6-8 blocks a day.
Supportive friend
My support system, husband, and children
Family support and loving caregivers in my home
Keep moving even when you feel bad.
Finding doctors who understand the disease
Knowlegable Doctor
For when you get food stuck in your throat.. Have some jello with mandarin oranges in it... Helps to move the food down.
First, I believe having someone, my caregiver, assist me to research this disease, understand it, document doctors meetings, and adhering to the medicine prescribed by the doctors. carbidopa/Levodopa helped make a difference with my balance and coordinat
physical therapy
Having a pacemaker implanted changed my life tremendously.
Air conditioning
Positive attitude
As a carer I was/am very empathetic & patient.
Accept it, life Goes on, listen to your body
My wonderful Husband...because he's so loving & caring without him i'd be lost as he helps me with everything
Very disabled mother. Regular massage seems to help
Being diagnosed by a neurologist who was familiar with the disease.
Exercise. Kept me alive (expected expiry 2010-2013, kept me (so far) out of a wheelchair (expected 2010)
Ann was in a research trial for Dorxidopa. Knowing she was helping others made he feel better/
Doing exercise at the local leasure centre.
my walker, enabled me to move around outside
My faith in God.
entender melhor essa doença
Rest as much as possible
Having been an icu and hospice nurse. I understand disease and dying.
I'm the daughter of an MSA patient. Patience and love seem to be the two best ways to support and help.
Group visits with Dad allowed his guests to talk to each other when he couldn't talk one-on-one with them.
That there is an active, passionate coalition that is helping tremendously to families in terms of support along with generating funds for research
my faith in God
The MSA FB groups on Facebook
Baclofen helps a great deal with spasticity/tremors.
Amezinium controls orthostatic hypotension
Be ready to accept constant change
Northera for my lightheadedness and dizziness
I have a strong healing circle that includes doctors, therapists, PT, other therapists and my spiritual community
Eating properly - Reduce processed foods, more fruit and vegetable, reduce fast foods etc
accept that you have the right to say no to a doctor at any time, and second and third opinions are a good thing
4 meds I would not be without 1) fludrocortisone 2) pyridostigmine 3) bupropion and most recently 4) quetiapine