La actitud
Tomando mestinosn tres veces al dia
Rest and listening to my body.
Staying hydrated. I drink alot of water.
its still early days for me just found out 6 months ago with MG (lems )
Taking cellceipt
Un buen médico que tenga vocación y crea en ti
Pronisone helps a lot
un medico
Try to get enough rest.
talk and walk with others
Great neurologist
Plasmapheresis weekly
Adapting my life to account for my condition
pace myself when Im doing anything ask for help if i an having issues
Getting outside as much as possible.
Try to stay as active as possible but know your limits.
Acupuncture helps me.
Rock star attitude!
Faith in the Lord Jesus
God and Faith.
Thymectomy in 1996
Daily Prayer/Meditation
Diet. "Eat Clean Diet" Gluten Free diet
IVIG infusions
Rest when I need to.
less stress
Staying positive
Keeping active..its keeps down the symptoms and helps me relax
Mestinon Timespan allowed me to function in the morning.
Supportive spouse
Clear explanations and information.
The unconditional support from my partner
Mestinon 180 Timespan has done great with my double vision not as bad on the stomach as Mestinon 60mg.
my amazing family and friends
My kids!
My children keep me happy and healthy
Keep a positive attitude.
Mestinon (Pyridostigmine Bromide)
360 mg mestinon (60 3X a day) and 5 mg predisone
Accepting the fact that I have to change the way I do things.