Stretching and excercise
dry needling
exercising by walking my more often
My kids for keeping me moving. My boyfriend for his love and support. My pets for their joy.
Learn your Body and understand what it says to you. Know your limitations and adjust lifestyle.
Herbals, supplements and detox
Moved to New Mexico
My TENS unit is a lifesaver when flares get really bad.
My TENS unit and low-dose muscle relaxers...I never leave home without them.
Neurosoma Therapy
Adequate sleep
Getting a diagnosis and having a name to put to what's wrong and finding a doctor willing to learn about my condition changed everything for me.
Dont know
Xyrem changed my life for 10 years, made me have almost no pain, didn't feel like a train had run over me every morning, but now, due to FDA, doc refuses to prescribe it!
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
Trying to stay positive.
Dry needling has helped tons with my trigger points.
Extensive research into supplements and beginning regimen of supplements specific to my body's condition
Great doctors!
Hot bath and pacing, breaking down activities
Mindfulness & Meditation
Removing stress
sleeping again with the aid of Amitriptyline
making lists to organize my days
Quitting pain pills and working on coping with pain levels and keeping positive.
Support from others who have the same disease
Get off all the drugs, they only make things worse
Finding a doctor who practices both alliopathic and alternative treatments
My heating pad helps with discomfort.
The strength of will I got from my Mother, and the lesson to not sweat something I can do nothing about.
Dry Needling
massage therapy
Having my family understand what an invisible illness is and having their support really helps.
Appropriate Medication
Dont know
Im in an abusuve verbally & emotionally abusive setting
Only thing that has helped is Xyrem, but due to FDA, doc refuses to prescribe! ANGRY!!!
collagen powder has helped with joint pain
Having a great support system of online friends.
Chiro has helped loosen me up.
The love and support of family, and of the patient community online
Keep moving
Coumadin for life.
get rid of negative emotions, avoiding stressful situations
CBD & Medical Marijuana