Maintaining adequate hydration.
Tonsils and adenoids out
Dar asesoramiento a las familias.
learning everything i can about noonans
Parents never treated me any different
Mom who pushed me to do my best
I see many doctors, I'm sure they have helped me
Israeli made LymphPress has been a major help
Physical therapy to help w hypotonia.
G-tube in and a home blended diet instead of formula
Asesorar sobre tratamiento de hormona.
Occupational therapy
taking time for me. its not selfish. its necessary
Always stood up for what I believed in
Having help at school in high school
I see an Energy Healer, she has taken away my chest pains and vomiting, and anxiety
I wish my parents had told me about my condition early on and how to accept it
Horse riding therapy for core strength and self-confidence.
Clonidine for sleep, Nebs not puffers for my lungs, glasses
Poner en marcha unos ensayos clinicos sobre las estatinas.
Speech and Language therapy
online websites and groups dedicated to bringing people together with rare diseases
My mom, and family ❤️
Having NS has definitely made me more empathetic