Having surgery has helped me to be able to eat more easily.
Drinking 6-8 ensure a day
Round the clock Belbuca. (A new pain medication)
Extended release pain medication
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Auto transplant of left kidney
Symptoms for 10yrs before diagnosis in 2019
DJJ Surgery
Having the evidence to prove it’s a physical problem has ignited my hope for a less painful future after surgery
Lying down with legs elevated
The low FODMAP diet has helped me with my gut issues.
Cutting drama out of my life as much as possible
Using the support offered by the Facebook support group.
Laying down & resting
Renal Vein Transposition with stents
CBD oil
Keep asking questions
Left Kidney Auto Transplant
The help of a caring doctor that listens instead of using the quick and easy out by using mental health
heating pad
Positioning has helped to relieve pain.
Not letting Doctor's say no, or that they don't know. Always push for answers
Heating pad
Read everything
L2 - L5/S1 Spinal Fusion
Having friends that can see and understand why I can’t be 100% reliable