Emergency Hartmann's operation for perforated bowel, only had one episode of diverticulitis two years previous.
My husband, friends and family
No chemo or radiation
My daughters
Having my diseased colon and recriminations removed made me feel so much better!
wake up and be grateful for thd day
beine part of support groups and talking about your disease helps to raise awareness
Kock pouch gave my life back
My doctors
having fun NO MATTER WHAT !!
Being able to pay bills..
Attitude is everything, but I knew from day 1 of diagnosis that the only choice was colostomy
Small steps
My parents love and support
Stephanie's Story on Open4Cannabis.com
Orientação dos médicos e enfermeiros sobre o que é ostomia e a endometriose
Drinking lots of water
Husband's support
Support from friends and family.
Weight loss
I have Ulcerative Colitis, ileostomey when 17.
Support group
cambio de alimentación
Recent surgery
My wonderful husband takes good care of ileostomy because i can't
Taking control
My faith
Pain meds are essential
embrace life my colostomy saved my life
having support from family and friends
Drink enough and take probiotica and multivitamines
My family
being as active as possible
Being able to gain weight.. Cant afford.Protein Shakes
Have a good support team
My dog's love and licks (until she passed)
Chew, chew, chew
Alimentação correta para minha infermidade
Eating less
Good stoma
being able to camp again and enjoy music festivals!
Having a positive attitude
I have a wonderful family, great friends and a fab job.
Great stoma nurses
buena actitud
Good, supportive stoma team who are available 7 days a week
Miracles do happen, thanks to my god