Minha família e amigos
Encontrar pessoas que passam pelo mesmo problema
Meu Deus que me sustentou em todo meu processo
the correct pain relief
the correct pain relief
Strong support system
God's love & provision for me
Soliris has transformed me
10 years
Quick & right diagnosis by the right doctor
Symptoms started in 2015
Meeting older people who have lived with this disease for decades gives me hope...
My husband
Prednisone, low dosage 2.5mg to 10mg is my lifeline... transfusions have stopped completely... 10yrs now
Blood transfusion!
Seeing a PNH specialist
Soliris IV every other Thursday
Ter acesso a um Pronto Atendimento de Excelente Qualidade
Apoio da família
Minha amada esposa que ajudou e me apoiou em todo o tempo.
Mente ocupada
increased knowledge through PNH sites and conferences
Family Support
giving myself permission to rest when needed
giving myself permission to rest when needed
Great doctor. Dr. Maciejewski
Soliris:no more blood transfusions & able to work
Trust in my wonderful doctors
Understanding if the condition & options avaliable
Getting in shape
Diagnosed in February 2016
Keepin an eye out for new research gives me hope #teamhope4Acure
My 3 children
Vitamins which help with circulations i.e. Fish oils, Krill, Q10 to avoid blood clots... #1 killer for PNH patients
Getting Soliris
Know your limitations & don't over commit
Conseguir rápido a medicação para a doença