Starting ivig
Mi actitud positiva, el saber que si puedo salir de esto. La Inmunoneurologia me ayudo bastante
My cat Tinkerbelle
Rituxan treatments
Prednisone and Imuran
Finding a doctor who has treated others with this disease, who is compassionate and keeps in close contact with me.
Early diagnosis
Rituximab is the only way to go.
Staying out of sunshine as much as possible
finding a knowledgable dermatologist who is confident and compassionate
Paleo (autoimmune ) diet
I seriously had no will to go on, until I found out that I was going to become a grandma. This news gave me the will to live. This child brought life back to me.
God...praying for others and not focusing on my own pain and suffering
The right doctor
Eating natural, not processed food and reducing carbs
Joining groups on Facebook helped me find the experts I needed to get diagnosed
Seguir tratamiento con aplicación estricta. Prednisona e inmuran. Dr. Elmer López en el Medical Center
Support of my family
Laser aplicado nas mucosas. diminuição da dor e cicatrização de lesões.
slowing down and relaxing
Removing gluten, tannins and thiols
Prednisone and Imuran got me through the worst
5 months since diagnosis , still trying to get in remission, rituxian infusions at this time
Her zaman iyi düşündüm
Getting off prednisone and methotrexate
El apoyo de toda mi familia y amigos
Going to Disneyworld
Family and friends love and support
no comer Ajo ni citrico
Dapsone 25mg
La tranquilidad
Prayer, and staying positive.
Aire fresco o frio, no calor
Expert treatment
I've reduced my stress by changing jobs and it has made a big difference.
Resting/sleeping as much as possible
Meds: Cellcept, Prednisone and Niacidamine (and other vitamines) Clobetasol direct on the blisters
Stress management
positive thinking
Family support
Traveling to a University Center to meet with a specialist (Dr Bradfield at UCLA medical center) was the best decision
Evitar el sol y situaciones de estrés.
Support from the International Pemphigus & Pemphigoid Foundation
Getting involved!