Don't feel alone. This may be a rare cancer but there's someone near you who understands… I promise!
Medical people who take time
Keeping a positive attitude.
Courage, hope and belief
Finding the right medical team who will treat PT, who will listen, research and act on issues
Eliminating processed foods and sugar
Oncology Massage
Quit high stress job after finding one with less stress.
God and prayer
Family and Friends
Understanding and concern from family and loved ones.
Solid friendships and support
The outpouring support.
Be informed
Finding An Allergist/Immunologist Who Specializes in HAE
Surgeon and breast care nurses recognised that I had lots of questions and answers gave me the opportunity to ask them
Quit trying to explain condition.
Quit trying to explain condition.
Reading of others experiencing the same disease.
A good surgeon.
Get an excisional biopsy and take it out of your body ASAP. Phyllodes is rare and aggressive- ask for wide margins during the biopsy! Needle/Core Needle biopsies are often inconclusive and delay the inevitable with more pain, bruising, and time spent.
Support from people who have been through it before me.
Connecting with others on a Facebook support group to learn more from others who have experienced PT
Don't do a biopsy unless it is excisional.
Talking to family
My faith in god
Mastectomy with reconstruction
Having close family support and watching sitcoms
Family support
I`m single mother of twins so giving up is not an option
Bilateral mastectomy
Short time between diagnosis and surgery by knowledgeable surgeon.
Access to a support group
I always think positive thoughts.
I always think positive thoughts.
I am so lucky to have a wonderful consultant
Good breast surgeon and plastic surgeon
Was diagnosed with BPT 2016
Joined Phyllodes group on Facebook
Diagnosed Borderline PT August 2016
Diagnosed Borderline PT August 2016
Getting BSN and first nursing job gave me something to look forward to
I write out a list of questions before I see the surgeon/doctor and make sure I get an answer to each before I leave.
focusing on how lucky I was to find this early
Removed phyllodes tumor with clear margins in 2016
Having friends and family support