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Phyllodes tumor life expectancy

What is the life expectancy of someone with Phyllodes tumor?

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Is Phyllodes tumor contagious?

Is Phyllodes tumor contagious?

5 answers
Is Phyllodes tumor hereditary?

Is Phyllodes tumor hereditary?

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ICD9 and ICD10 codes of Phyllodes tumor

ICD10 code of Phyllodes tumor and ICD9 code

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Stories of Phyllodes tumor

Phyllodes tumor stories
In February 2015 I found a lump in my right breast. I was diagnozed with fibroadenoma, but it appeared to be a benign PT (2 cm., surgery in March). No margins taken although the initial path report stated BPT. Final path report confirmed no clear tis...
Phyllodes tumor stories
I had what was termed a harmless fibroadenoma removed in June of 2007. At the age of 33, I had my first baby and was nursing him. He was born in December. The following November, I noticed that my scar tissue felt different. I had an ultrasound an...
Phyllodes tumor stories
I felt a rather large Lump in my Left Breast at the 2 O'Clock position. I was just due for my Mammogram and scheduled it. A subsequent needle biopsy showed MPT with Liposarcoma component. I am scheduled for a bilateral Mastectomy 8/18/15 with reco...
Phyllodes tumor stories
My MPT started a year after constant stress and caring for a partner with cancer. I had no time for myself to keep my stress levels down and I believe this is the reason I became ill. Though doctors had some knowledge of the disease it was not I fel...
Phyllodes tumor stories
After years of multiple lumpbectomies ,seeing a oncologist due to my sister having breast cancer ,my high risk and Years of mammograms, ultrasounds and breast MRIS. My Dr. Advised me to get a prophylactic mastectomy due to things still being found an...

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