APAP/CPAP Therapy for moderately severe Sleep Apnea. ❤
The day my son got his diagnosis changed my life as a parent
NG and G-tube fed until 18 months old
Aqua therapy has helped tremendously with joint pain and stiffness
Glad his cleft palate has a multi layer closer
Mandibular Distraction at 3 months old
blenderized diet
Clappa wales amazing support
Having 2 kids with this, doesn't make it any easier!
Jaw distraction surgery less than 2 weeks old saved my daughter from a trach
Meeting others within the craniofacial community who I can relate to in more ways than one. ❤
3 surgeries
Glad his speech is coming along
Insisting on oral feeding opportunities without the NG tube in
cpap, adnoid shaved, tonsils removed
Expect the unexpected
The haberman bottle was a life saver
Advocating for the cause of craniofacial differences and involving EVERYONE in these efforts. We must raise awareness and enact change TOGETHER! ❤
My son is an amazing child, so much more than just a diagnosis
Speech, or and ot
Thankful for the craniofacial team
Using surgical grade face masks to protect her from infection, allowing her to attend school regularly and be in hospital less
lots of love and compassion
My kids do not let PRS control their choices in life
Speech therapy is amazing