Methotrexate taken weekly 15 mg
I have had this most of my life with active phases in my mid-late teens, early twenties, and a year ago. This time around I haven't seen any doctors or taken any meds for it.
Almost eight months on Isotretionin
PRP Alliance (
Hypnotherapy to help me sleep in those early itchy months
Having a great care giver.
6 months on acretin daily now down to three days a week.
Humira for the last year has helped
Less stress
nothing worked on my PRP!
Getting diagnosed quickly.
Healthy diet
Enbrel plus methotrexate
Aveeno cream applied daily, and topped up during the day as required
Keeping hydrated and moiturized with Vaseline have done the most to keep me comfortable and maintain my appearance.
Aquaphor cream, coconut oil, and various prescribed meds.
PRP Survival Guide
Keeping a blog to keep track of things and let things out
Having a positive attitude.
coconut oil
Talking to others on the prp facebook page
No drama
nothing worked on my PRP!
Supportive spouse
AIP (AutoImmune Paleo) diet. Adding in foods slowly to monitor effect on my recovery)
Medicated shampoo
Proper foot maintenance (soaking and pedegg) to keep my feet from cracking too badly.
Resting, a lot, continually maintaining an exercise program, and trying to keep a positive attitude!
PRP Facebook Support Group
having a robust vacuum cleaner
Eating as cleanly and healthy as possible.
facebook support group
Understanding from those I love. And my awesome Derm Dr. Cash.
Always use medication and ointments
My daughters and my husband supporting me through this unexpected journey.