Stem cell therapy. It seemd to have cured the underlying blood deseas. I made a lot of progress after the stem cell therapy.
Essential Oils
My stem cell transplant was very difficult, but certainly turned my symptoms around for the better!
Six months Lenalidamide & Dexamethazone
pomalidomide and dexamethasone
Meu pai é a melhor pessoa desse mundo
Our amazing Christian brothers and sisters that prayed us through, and helped with meals, babysitting, etc.
My Wife. ...My caregiver
Stem cell transplant
Family support
Stemcell transplantation
Vamos tratar e restaurar a saúde do meu pai
Tom's amazing strength to face each day head on. He just never was willing to quit
reading posts and talking to people on the POEMS Facebook page. It is wonderful to hear i am not alone! They also helped me make decisions with my treatment and we have compared our symptoms, treatment, medications, therapy, and much more. The page has
Combination of supplements and basic exercise
Existem condições muito piores que a síndrome de POEMS