Daily inhaling 6-7% Saline Sol.with Pari Boy or Pari flow, sometimes twice a day helped me to stay out of hospital 5 years now.
don't use cough inhibitors
В обед и вечером гимнастика и отхаркивание мокроты
Ajuda ta familia
1g Methionine, 2g Ascorbic Acid, ACC in a glass of water twice a day improved a lot the
doing non-agonistic sports is a great therapy
Активный образ жизни
Minha mae ajuda demas ele
After having taken all kinds of antibiotics several times a year since the age of 4, I started now a sugarfree diet based rich in Antioxidants. I feel different, more energetic and healthier.
antibiotics help but only if necessary, otherwise saline solutions
АЦЦ и беродуал
Familia reunida é a base