Prophylactic antibiotics
Positive attitude
better diet
Support from my husband
Accepting what i cant change
Keeping active helps keep the dizziness at bay.
Taking subQ Hizentra.
Gamunex C
Being correctly diagnosed after 7 months.
Conseguir tratamento um centro de referência
Exercising consistently and staying active.
Subq Gammagard greatly improved my quality of life.
IVIG changed my life
IVIG 2 years every 4 weeks has made a world of difference!
My husband of 31 years and granddaughter.
IGG plasma subq infusion therapy
IVIG Therapy monthly
On my 6th manufacturer and I am doing better. Being your own advocate and not giving up.
AIP Paleo lifestyle.
Peer support
My daughter who is my biggest advocate
Probiotics and natural medicine
Rest when I need to.
My doctor & his PA.. They are amazing people
A Dr listening to me and starting the diagnosis journey
I have support from my children
Chronic ear infections since a baby.
Healthy Diet
Lung Clearance
Support from family and friends
proper diagnosis
Living to the fullest , lots of laughter & try to give tons of love
Getting enough rest.
An immunologist who listens and takes my wishes into consideration
A supportive family.
Fazer Imunoglobulina a cada 21 dias
My family and friends :)
Medication for autoimmune diseases also helps. I'm thankful I was diagnosed so I could be treated.
Trigger avoidance (if possible)
My amazing family that has helped me through all these horrible time!!
My awesome doctors that work together.
Staying very active; cycling, tennis, etc
Support of family and friends
Having a wonderful husband that is an awesome care giver.
Using Young Living Essential Oils to treat pain and symptoms instead of a ton more pharmaceuticals.