high doses of Vit B2 and magnesium
To know what I have / savoir ce que j'ai
planning day, and limiting errands, not all in same day.
Accepting that I have a life-changing disease.
100mg Vitamin D daily plus magnesium
Finally finding the name for my shaky legs!
I've become absolutely ace at scanning a room for somewhere to sit or lean!! My husband has also become good at finding me somewhere to sit without making a big thing of it.
friends with OT
Gabapentin has greatly improved my tremor
Accepting that I need to plan ahead and avoid circumstances that would result in difficulties for me and others.
trouvez la cause exacte du TOP
L'identification de ma maladie après une errance de plusieurs années (2006-2013)
Getting enough rest.
exersises in pool and walking
de ne plus être seule avec cette maladie
The definitive diagnosis and an expert neurologist specializing in motion disorders.
1 mg klonopin daily
Finding out that I am not alone helped me feel less frustrated with my limitations of the normal every day activities
Finding others online who have OT and understand
Attending POT Conference in Omaha in 2014
My walker has been a God send ... I joke that I have bought my own chair ! But seriously so handy with the steady sturdy seat
avoir des amis atteints de TOP pour pouvoir échanger
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
Medication - Clonazepam
Getting a Rollator
Clonazepam 0.5 twice daily moderately helps
Medication has slowed down the tremors, yet they still exist after a fewminutes
gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free diet
to be not alone with this rared disease / ne plus être seule avec cette maladie rare
better thinking
stool in kitchen
Learning to adjust my lifestyle.
Exercise like walking swimming and cycling
moving to a bungalow
Clonazepam helps me sleep better.
A glass of wine really really helps control the tremors. But I am very careful to not have too many!!
supportive family
Making sure that I have a shower stool available when I travel.
Eating well and juicing
trouvez un traitement
Les contacts via faceboook avec un groupe privé de personnes atteintes du TOP
Eating right.