I eat and use mostly organic products.
Fortisip. Built me up physically in prep for my MOAS
Family and Friends (support team)
Seen for treatment at MDACC
Contacting Dawn Green and finding the support groups on Facebook.
Having a strong support system
Low FODMAP diet
Finding the right doctor for this disease. An Appendix Specialist is key to survival.
Always drinking water.
The dat of my op, was the day my Nan passed away 21 years earlier, I was not alone for sure
God and prayers
Got several opinions till I found an expert who knew what I had
My family and friends who support me.
Have a strong faith
Eating healthy and organic food
Walking as much as you can after surgery helps with recovery.
Stay as active as possible.
Fish and eggs regularly, soft enough for me to be kind to my bowels
Trial and error. It took time to find the right doctor. If you don't feel right with a doctor you don't have to continue seeing them.
My Doctors and Nurses
Positive mental attitude
Live life just like always with a few bumps in the road like everyone else
My daughter Milla who gives me the strength to fight.
Avoiding foods high in fat, dairy products, raw vegetables and certain fruits
Eating small meals and staying hydrated also helps with recovery.