Divorce sugar
Cut down/give up alcohol
Do not despair.
Been watching how much candy I eat and how long u am excersizing get for
Starting the day with a balanced breakfast, sausages, wholewheat bread, or full fat cheese on toast.
Starting the eating plan..
Strictly Don't consume sweet either that be direct or from fruits for RH patients.
Eat every 2-3hours
Sticking to the diet, no matter what the back of your head tells you
Finally getting a diagnosis, receiving treatment.
low GI diet
Washing my clothes with ionization and equal mixture of oxyclean, borax powder and baking soda. Switching out household cleaners for Nature's Concentrate and other natural cleaners.
My rock, nurse, secretary, MOM
Eating smaller meals and snacks more often.
Stopped Working
Eat low carb, high protein
My partner and my children whof give me a purpose everyday :)
Eating low carb, high protein diet
Avoid any caffeine!
Watching my carb intake
I quit a very stressful career
Sleeping pills so I can stay asleep at night.
do not consume alcohol for rh
Lumbar punctures, pain medication
Sleeping upright in a recliner is the only way I can sleep now.
Stay calm
Cut down to low carbs
Eat better. Rest. Take care of yourself.
Cutting out caffeine and sugar, allowing them in small doses when balanced out with a proper meal.
improving relationships with family members..
High protein diet
People have been through worse
Lifestyle adjustments (diet, exercise, rest)
regular meals
Constantly tweaking my diet and never give up trying to find answers.
Ejercicio (caminata diaria de 30 minutos)
Strict no sugar, extreme low carb (veggies only), high protein, high fat diet
Cut out coffee.
gentle, graded exercise
Exercise or at least walk if you can
Apples! Apples always make me feel better :)
Joining forum and Facebook advice pages
Avoid white carbs
Watch my sugar intake
I am vegetarian, and avoid too much dairy/egg
Pain pills
strictly no sugar directly or indirectly for rh
Be honest with clinical teams.