Working in a great position.
Having the support of my family and friends.
Be Positive
Loving and supportive family
Positive thinking was a MUST
Supportive husband
The support of my family and friends.
Reducing stress is very important
Focus on what I can do rather than what I cannot do. Use my limits as a potentia
The support of my family and friends
Accepting things the way they are
Gratitude Journaling, Positive Affirmations and reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
A bad sense of humor
retinitis pigmentosa
I try to see things from a positive angle: humour is an important ingredience.
Still working
You have a handicap but you're not handicappet
Having my cat around. It's tough working solo so a furry friend always makes the difference.
i have good family and friends. So i am lucky.
Always pay attention to what you eat.
Talk with others who are affected.
Using a cane to help others "see" my disability.
my personal relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
You look with your eyes, but you see with the heart!!
Support from family and friends. Especially one very special girl.
Positive attitude
Knowing other people understand exactly how I feel.
Finding the answer to what she was born with
Mi mujer
can laugh at your misery
My family
Getting a proper night's sleep.
Faith in God
Transcorneal stimulation with iontophoresis and dry needling really improved my vision
I listen and help when i can
Counselling helped me deal with the challenges I was facing more effectively
Counselling helped me deal with the challenges I was facing more effectively
I am having acupuncture with iodine ionotherapy joined with transcorneal stimulation.
Las ganas de luchar
Finding a good RP page on facebook
I am using my cane
Finding Retinitis Pigmentosa site in FaceBook
Married with three handsome boys.
Having a great gp and specialists.
Learn new hobbies and activities
A job I can do, and like. A job that I'm grateful to have!
Learn to laugh at yourself, so that you can laugh before everyone else.
Pray everyday