Retiring in the sunshine in Cyprus
my family
Acceptance. Accepting my disability and how it will affect my life has really helped. This isn't a cold or flu that I can get over, this is my life forever.
Removing chemicals from my home and diet
Talk with others for encouragement and to know what to expect.
El apoyo de mi pareja
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
Yoga for Scoliose
Yoga and meditation helped me to listen to my body's needs
Maintaining a physically active life
IV Rocephin, other abx (Dapsone, Mepron, Doxy) + FMT
Working through Yoga poses done asymmetrically to work with my asymmetry
Accepting who I am.
Stress is the enemy. Just breathe and keep living.
Meus pais sempre me acompanharam e ainda me acompanham nesta longa jornada.
Having regular massage
my doctor and medications
Commution and understanding. Finding a group of people to talk to who understand what it's like to be young and chronically ill has definitely helped me fell less alone and more understood.
Strengthening muscles to support joints
Keep up with medical records because in time you will need them.
El tomar diclofenac y tafirol paracetamol de 1g
collagen powder has helped with joint pain
A good and caring physical therapist
Being aware of my own limitations and knowing when to stop
Subcutaneous IgG
Working with Yoga breathing techniques to bring awareness and space to the concavities
Distraction helps me if not taken extremely.
A good nights sleep and exercise is your friend.
Vejo a luz no fundo do túnel. Estou aguardando resposta para realizar cirurgia.
Eating a healthy diet without processed food and reducing alcohol intake
hot bubble baths
Hope. Never giving up the hope for a cure, or that the tumors will continue to shrink from the chemo. Without hope, we have nothing.
Eating a healthy diet and taking LOTS of vitamin C
Find Doctors that are familiar with McCune-Albright Syndrome.
El apoyo se algunos familiares y amigos
knowing my blood panel and fixing the vitamins accordingly has helped immensely.
My fellow scoliosis girls who give me understanding
Yoga - although I only do this intermittently
Helping others, in addition to being rewarding in itself, allows me to observe the condition and understand my own spine better.
Getting by for my son.
For visual snow and tinnitus, give yourself time. Your brain will habituate over time and your anxiety over the situation will lower.
Ainda estou viva e lutando.