Controlling bile-acid malabsorption through Colestipol
Excluding fat from my diet
Writing a book based on true stories of chronic illness, chronic pain, rare diseases, and PTSD.
Seeing a pancreatic specialist.
Specialized sphincterotomy with stents that have springs held tremendously.
Meditation....learning how to clear my mind has helped me so much
Having a very supportive partner.
2y on dilaudid and zofran
Buscopan plus
Cut out sugar
Had botox in May 2017 has helped a little
My doctor prescribed Topamax to take daily and it made a world of difference
Finding the right kind of pain killers (for me, opioids but not opiates)
A good support system: wonderful husband, daughter, family, and friends.
Cutting out all alcohol.
Low far diet of no more than 25 to 30 grams of fat a day generally keeps me feeling well.
Learning that people suck when they don't or won't understand my illness
Winning my appeal for Personal Independence Payment.
my family is a great support
Dont take opiates
Pretending I'm in labour when in a flare up
I take baths when I am having an attack and it is a great pain reliever.
Using a calcium channel blocker (Nifedipine) to relax the bile ducts
Seeing others perserve and fight and having music that carries my mood forward like "The Fight Song"
Cutting out meat completely.
I do not take medications by choice.
We all have good days and bad days.....take the good ones and make the most out of them!!!
Heat packs and hot water bottles.
i just trying to figured out what to eat
Stop drinking caffine
Can't think of anything else
Going on walks daily has helped tremendously!