changing to essential oils changed my life
Keep smiling
I am awesome
Medical and surgical advances during my lifetime, which have improved my quality of life
I always take medical situations one issue at a time, do NOT think of what might happen in the future
Regular appointment with a spina bifida specialist
My daughter always smiles
Finding hobbies that fit my physical abilities.
Self estime
live your life to the fullest
Never give up
Family is everything
wider acceptance of disability issues in the community
I have a WONDERFUL! supportive family
Its not as scary as i thought in pregnancy
To feel myself as a normal person with many health problems, to avoid to psicologically limit the opportunities of my life
Crear un grupo de personas con Espina Bífida
lots of therapy got me to walk and drive a car
I believe everything happens for a reason
mmmmm coffee
being able to give back and support others with my disability through community involvement
I live semi-independently on my own.
Friends who understand what I go through
It doesnt always mean your child will have neurological issues mine doesnt have any
Building relationships with people who are supportive
The faith in God
Ser yo. Lo más normal posible