Diagnosed at age 39
Except your disease, you can't move forward without it.
Meaningful job
Listening to musci
Family. Without their live and support it would be difficult to manage some days
ESight glasses helps at work as an industrial technician
Correct genetic diagnoses so I could research condition.
Apple Inc, from iMac to MacBook to iPad and iPhones, it continues to improve the way i live my life and inspire me to do better for others.
I eat without vitamin a
Healthy life style
vision currently 6/60 in both eyes
Education, find out who can teach you new ways to do things.
Lot of support from twinsister with same disease
My mam, she is always there when i need her
Knowing there are others with the same condition who can relate
My family who always support me and helps me
Communication with others who have the same condition.
Family and friends are not things, they are people who care and give me endless support.
Beconing friends with someone else with stargardts
Support and advocate. Help others, you will get just as much from it as they do.
Many dissability aids makes my ADL easier
A cup of tea, anything cna be sorted with a cup of tea
Faith in God
I use Ray Ban sunglasses The Sun protection is The Best
Accepting condition and getting my sense of humour back.
My beautiful wife, the one who showed me life is as beautiful and hopeful. The one who taught me how to love.
Plenty of sleep