Other heart families
Surgery in 2006. Ablation and ICD
Long Term Treatment
Was diagnosed 14 hours after birth
We found out our son had TOF at about a month old
Our baby girl fighting this right now
Wyatt was diagnosed with TOF at birth and had his repair at 4 months old.
With out Dr Denton Cooley and staff I would not be here. Thank you to all the Doctors who were there to help me live.
Low fat diet
Etre toujours positif
Le soutien de mes proches
Believing that ultimately God is in control.
Open heart surgery in 1962.
Atividade física regular supervisionada
Don't think about why you got a defect or conditionor why you got it.
my child and her great attitude
My Family
Strong helping hand from my mother
Was a pink tet
First surgery postponed on 6/2 because of a rash
We are so proud
He is currently awaiting a pulmonary valve transplant.
My mother was my rock. She was there everytime I had to have surgery. Or anytime I was in the hospital for that matter.
Maintaining certain weight
En parler
L'écoute de la cardiologue
Good doctors
Acompanhamento médico regular
Don't think that you are different than anyone else and cant do what they can do.
My Faith
Still working on #3
Had corrective surgery at 4m2d
On beta blockers to control heart rythm and blood pressure
Our little warrior
Thanks to my sisters purple hull peas. I had my fav food to eat. RIP Sheilah.
Faire de notre mieux
La naissance de mes enfants
Looking after myself by eating correct and excersing.
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Pensamento positivo!
Make sure you stay happy.