Finding a hobby to take your mind off of some of the symptoms
Go to a teaching hospital right away.
Resting as much as possible. Listening to my body and not pushing it.
Gabapentin. Make sure you increase your dose (per your doc) it helps
Keeping as active as possible.
Awareness campaign and talking freely about related health disorders
Being able to learn to walk again from rehab
Gabapentin 900mg 3 times daily
Gabapentin has helped my pain.
finding people you have a rare disease like myself
Finding an excellent Rheumatologist
anything that gives me hope!
Research, reading, learning and connection with others - knowledge is power!
Physical therapy
My children
Streach your body from the start, even when you are paralysed
Doing extensive therapy and exercise in water.
A quick diagnosis and steroid treatments made all the difference.
Positive attitude
Attitude is a part of the battle. Fight to stay optimistic. Hold on to hope
Exercise, even if it's just a walk.
That im able to talk with friends and family about how i feel. It really helps that i have people in my life that wants to understand.
A neurologist you trust and you feel hears you
Family support and interest in my autoimmune disease.
Lyrica after had to stop gabapentin
Surrounding myself with positive people
Hi dose short burst of steroids 1000 mg every three weeks for six months
12 years with condition.
I am thankful that my neurologist has endorced use of medical cannabis.
Doing things that keep me happy and letting go of those that don't
My fiancée, who never faltered in his love and devotion.
Prednisone - even though caused other conditions
Finding Neuro Physical therapy for ABRT. Changed my life.
Correct balance of medication to help with bladder and bowel control.
Except the 3 doses of corticosteroides given in hospital, I have taken no medicine since
Knowing I'm not the only one affected!
Stay comfortably warm and cool when necessary.
getting off medication
Good medical advice and excellent doctor's
Good medical advice and excellent doctor's
My friends support
Getting our dog has given me someone to cuddle whenever I need one
Learn there is a new normal as soon as you can.
Pain Medication