Art has kept my hands busy and become a true passion of mine.
daily sport, like table-tennis and ice-skating
Taking care of my skin
Parents did nothing except make fun of me.
Using natural hair products on my scalp (i.e. Lush)
I've found support groups on Facebook.
Drop all the negativity out
40 mg Prozac daily
Got a job
N-Acytlcholine (an amino acid supplement) is very helpful
Wearing a head scarf in my worst condition
I cut out most sugar and bread from my diet
Shaved my head
Keeping your hands and mind busy
Thank goodness for false eyelash strips
Sounds corny, but having a partner who loves me unconditionally and supports me in this has worked wonders.
NAC and Inositol supplements
Kneadable Erasers
Prozac helped
No one knows about me having this disorder
Accepting I may never get better and finding ways to cope with the symptoms.
Diagnosed at 11 months old
Nailing a makeup look that covers my spots
Wearing a wig
Seeking therapy and support
Stay optimistic always. It feels better.
30 + days of regular Lithium
Eating healthy & having a workout routine
Knowing I'm not a freak and having other people to talk to.
My boyfriend living with me
telling my friends about the condition
6 months of ketamine treatments
Hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness
My dog helps me everyday to get up from the bed.
not as stressed as i used to be
Finding the right wigs
Having my husband come to bed with my at night, because that is when the picking happens most. Even if he isn't ready for bed, him hanging around until I fall asleep is very helpful.
Wearing hair ties around my wrist. It keeps my hands busy and it doesn't look out of the ordinary.
I covered my mirror in my room.
Keeping myself busy
Started taking supplements: NAC and biotin
track each pull
Went to OCD residential treatment at 32 years old.
Educating myself
TENS unit
Discontinued eating sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol
I am a wig queen!!