Writing (helped to process all of the information)
Do what you like and what you are good at, feel confident!
Just watch what i am eating
I'm 8 years old
Hot showers,
Physical therapy with massage
Neurontin gave me a lot of relief, and let time take care of the healing.
Realized that I'm basically like others in that I can do most anything
My Pets
el apoyo de toda mi familia esta con nosotros
Having supportive parents
Connecting with other TS patients
Being on proper hormone therapy
Diagnosed in uturo, unfortunately has passed on :(
meeting another child same age who has TS in our area.
Confidence in myself
Thought Field Therapy stopped it in its tracks when done within days of the first signs of pain.
Use a nursing pillow to support the arm
The support of other women with Turner Syndrome, and the TSSS(UK)
Medical provider education
Norco, rest, and books
Growth hormones
Put my self in places I wouldn't normally be
I found real HRT was more better then birth control
Keep up with health recommendations and Don't miss appointments.
Talking (talking to understanding people who have gone through something similar is so invaluable)
My mum's always there for me
Diagnosed at 7months old
Deep heat
Avoid going on when your body says no. Stop way before this point
Meds to control pain
My hand and arm will never be the same.
My family always being there my 3 adopted children
Good Family
el nacimiento de mi pequeña luz con st
Meeting other girls with turners
A supportive group of family and friends
Being on appropriate pain killers for early onset arthritis
having heart surgery to fix severe coarctations that would've caused heart failure
Family and friends who love me
Knowing that I know what medical checks I needs and making sure I get monitored regularly
Community awareness
A supportive partner that pulls both our weight if needed without question or complaint
Experiencing new things
its important to get a check up yearly by your dr
Join and/or have access to support people and/or groups.
Reading - gathering as much information as possible
Just watch what i am eating