Chiari decompression surgery
Septal Myectomy and double bypass saved my life
he tomado dermox pastillas y me a funcionado
Hot baths
Supportive Wife
THE 3 MOST HELPFUL THINGS: When I can see there are more research on vitiligo and immunology. Bacause we need to find the cause and the cure.
Inner beauty shines through
Vitiligo isn't something I am ashamed of. I love my spots.
Eating unprocessed foods
Minha família
recognize that the body always reacts according to our mental state
If you can't change something, change the way you think about that something
My mum who always helps me no matter what
her aunt is also vitiligo!
only sun help me.
Iodine, mainly from potassium iodide
Supportive husband
Working out.
Having a positive frame of mind
Don,t give
Strict natural/wholefood diet cutting all sugar/sweeteners and processed foods & drinking lemon water
My family and support I get from them
My supportive husband.
my loved ones support
My husband and kids never looked at me different.
When people ask me about my condition I make up crazy stories and enjoy their facial expressions
Metropolol slowed my heart
mi familia me ayuda mucho con mis tratamientos
Lots of rest, try not to stress
Not worrying what others think
Active vitiligo life all over the world. The international vitiligo support, awareness and education. World Vitiligo Day, Vitiligo Petition , support groups, campaigns, etc.
Having support from friends and family
In the process of dieting and regularly go to gym.
being less stressed
Mi familia
Minha companheira
chemistry can not help (me) solve the origin of mental problems
Share the positive aura
Naps lots and lots of naps!