Fentanyl patches. I use 150 mcg.
vWD type 3
My dog has motivated me to keep fit
Just knowing what is wrong with me has relieved my anxiety and depression a lot!
Eating healthy.
Eating healthy.
Things can always be a lot worse
Good support system
Having a good out look
My matrix health case worker Stephen Lawrence has always been there for me
Finding other people with the same diagnosis, and making new friends
I always be happy.
Adequate rest
Ten years of pain management until my ankles naturally fused. This fusion stopped the bleeding, swelling and pain.
I am taking upon myself to make the world aware of bleeding disorders. I will leave my country for a 2 / 3 year tour across the world.
Being diagnosed originally at Hallamshire in Sheffield which is a centre of excellence for Haemophilia in Europe.
My son had an unrelated bone marrow transplant for FA. He passed away in 2004.
My Family- My father is also affected by HME, and has helped me with the condition.
Finding the right Dr. Who dosn't just chase numbers, switched from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid.
Daily moderate exercise
Knowledge of diagnosis
My mum was there for me
Humate P
The advice I have had from the Manchester Royal Infirmary Haemophilia Centre has been very helpful over the years.
Been watching how much candy I eat and how long u am excersizing get for
Researching my ADHD independently helped me manage my symptoms.
Physical therapy, with myofascial release and massage for my shoulder girdle area.
on line blogs
I'm making sure I get enough sleep each night.
Taking micronutrients... military micronutrient formula.
Taking micronutrients... military micronutrient formula.
Surrounding myself with friend and talk about stuff
Great family doctor
My health care person helps me alot
I have the best hematologist
Having a wonderful husband who is always there for me
don't think we are not normal so we unable to do anything.
Starting prophylaxis treatment last year.
I am going to earn funds to donate solely for the purpose of research and development of better medications.
Moving to Edinburgh & the Haemo centre here is just as good and attentive
my daughter has VW disease and a congenital platelet aggregation disorder
My Partner- I was told I was disgusting, and people gagged at my scars...he makes me feel beautiful.
Cutting out Gluten, Dairy, Sugar.
Eating healthy
Knowledge of treatment
My doctor helped massively
Dr. Elliott Williams at UW Hospitals & Clinics