Stories of Whipple

Whipple stories
  1965: Tonsillectomy 1968: Odd skin 2 inch rash/wheal on inside of left lower leg. undiagnosed 1978: Zadek operation, botched removal of big toenail rootbed 1980: Contracted Glandular Fever - lasted 12 months of debilitation - never fe...
Whipple stories
Whipple stories
I had a Whipple Operation for Ampullery Cancer 12 December 2014. Happy to advise or help anyone. Good luck to you all.
Whipple stories
Duodenal Adenomacarcinoma 
Whipple stories
This surgery is a toughie...but it is doable. It saved most of our lives so we are grateful to have had it!! But please don't assume that this surgery is a "6 weeks and back to normal" surgery that some doctors like to say it is. IT IS NOT!!! The...

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