Having a super supportive husband and Daughter
My husband, family, and friends
Family support and love
My Wife Anna, I would not have survived without her.
vegan food
early diagnosis is the key
Staying active is really important. Walk and do things to help other people.
Time, walking a lot, having a strong faith.
Good surgeon
Excellent surgeon gave me confidence
Diagnosis of my stage 3 pancreatic cancer
Clean eating
Finally put on creon
Family & Friends & Strangers Support, Prayers and Encouragement.
Finding a Dr. that was willing to liston and help.
Stories from survivers
postitve thoughts & accept a slow recover.. body will dictate
Sandostatin lar injections every 28 days, helped with diarrhea, gaining some weight...
Positive thinking and positive mind are best anticancer weapon
A fantastic Dr that listens
Walking and Resting
Friends and colleagues
Rest and lots of it and my Blue Heeler Maggie May. Always at my side.
Right foods
cautiously optimistic
Get plenty of rest and don't let stress get to you. Stress and tireness make my nausea worse.
Having the support of my husband.
Low weight and relatively active
Supportive husband, family and friends
Whipple procedure that removed the cancerous tumor. Also removed part of my stomach, bile duct, and the first section of my duodenum.
Lots of water
Monitoring my sugar
The Stint Operation and Whipple Surgery, and having a PIC line put in my arm.
Having a Wife and family that cared.
All seriously good alternative treatments possible
exercise.. walk swim.. great for the headspace
Mostly my husband and son but also My circle of family & friends, wouldn't be here without them
Right kind of diet
Runing, hiking, treking, jogging...helps to live full life
Being above ground and walking!
Having an interest to get me doing something. In my case my 1923 Ford T track roadster.