Reduction in medication
Generic Cortef
Ask for help.
Cortisol Pump - this changed my life and has allowed me to continue in school
Taking medication regularly and some stress dosing when I am ill
Up dosing hydrocortisone when needed.
switching to a mostly organic and minimal processed food
Being on the pump
double tablets when sick. e.g flu
Un plan de medicación controlado. Con analíticas cada 6 meses.
Tablets! Sometimes more than one, depending on how you're feeling.
A good, healthy diet
Aquatic Jogging YMCA
Heating Pad
Replacing Cortisol with pump
Getting on proper medication and tweaking the dose until I was taking the right amounts of hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone.
Have your family become educated with addison's
to accept your disease
Listen to your body it won't lie to you
Having an endo who doesn't fear steroids & adjusts dosage based on symptoms
Cool weather
Having my children.
my faith is the first to bring comfort, my family, my friends and warriors
Kenalog 40
Taking to much hydrocortisone made me feel worse. Less can be more.
Taking levothyroxine correctly in the morning before food, e.g not taking with milk or orange Juice (avoid vit c)
Taking prescription Vitamin D and getting my D level up to a normal level.
Cut out any stress
Do lots of physical work
I push myself.. Doc says that's why I'm doing so good
Accepting that I am a different me, but I am still me
Proper dose and medication (Hydrocortisone at 10 mg a day)
yeah for Cortef
Eating a gluten-free, dairy-free diet.
Adding thyroid medication to my current list of meds. Made the word of difference.
Taking HC 3 or 4 times during the day.
Being in an Addison's support group helped me realize my symptoms were not just me
Listening to my body rather than fighting my body.
having a great partner
my doctor
access to private extended health benefit coverage
Having my wonderful dogs - they give me the incentive to keep going every day.
Get some rest during the day.
My steroids