Having the correct diagnosis
Following a diet with protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and fiber, as well as eliminating simple carbs , processed foods as well as all sugars, including high fructose, from my diet have helped alot.
A very supportive spouse.
Oxygen therapy currently at 6 liters
moving back home closer to beach and family
Augmentation iwth Zemaira
Specialist and Family health care providers who are knowledgeable and who listen well. Collaboration is key.
Keeping Active
My family
It's my 19 yr old son who is zz.
walking the dog everyday - gradually longer and longer walks
Disability parking permit
Good doctors
I spend a lot of time by myself. So, I miss seeing and talking to people
Spiriva Inhaler.....................I could start breathing again
My family, (Mother, Daughter, and Granddaughter), are always loving, helpful, supportive, and do everything they can to cheer me up and to make me comfortable.
Losing excess weight
Augmentation therapy
Having wonderful expert care from the Adapt programme at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham
Keeping regular pulmonary visits, taking my annual PFT test, and using my mainteance medicine as directed.
support from others with Alpha1
support from others with Alpha1
Sinus surgery
Walking stairs: 2 steps while exhaling.
My twin 2 year old daughters make it worth fighting
Weekly infusions
The nurse who got help for me after being diagnosed 10 years ago & nothing had been done.
coming to terms with end stage and death. no longer scared of death
My kind husband
Pulmonary rehab at least 2 times a week preferably 3 for at least an hour each visit.
Tretment with Prolastina for 22 years
Educating myself on Alpha-1.Support groups. Share stories,information and healt advice with others affected by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency
Tiotropium(Spiriva inhaler)
Stay strong
Having a good team of doctors under the Royal free
Vitamin c
6 weeks of pulmonary rehab has made a huge difference. Just wish it could last forever!
Exercise and diet
14 months of infusions have helped keep the infections at bay
Don't over do it, bever push your body.
1. Regular flu shots AND the pneumonia vaccines! The combination has kept me from getting an URI for 3+ years!