I have type 3 HAE
less stress
Epsom salts in a hot bath for physical stress relief.
Cinryze infusion every 3 days
Arius, 12 hrs later Allegra, rotations between the 2 every 12 hours, as per Dr.
Xolair injections, It helped with the stress of the sever ucartia that I have.
Get a proper doctor, rid my life from unnecessary stress
Cinryse, Firazyr
Supportive Doctors
cinryze best thing that happened to me.
My husband Mike, our furbabies, my mom, my family.
vast amount of treatments
Great healthcare team
Firazyr and Cinryze
Ranitidine has worked well for now
Cinryze and firazyr and having my port placed
Weight loss and healthy diet
Access to C1 inhibitor treatment
Cavernoma Facebook page
The pill study it works!!! Wish I could have stayed on it.
6 years on Danazol has changed my life. It is a miracle drug for me.
Treating every attack, big or small.
Getting into a preventative drug study
My children, giving me a reason to keep fighting.
my beautiful daughter has sent me things i didnt no about it & this site
Eating nutritious foods
As little stress as possible
Cinryze has changed my life. I use Firazyr as a backup.
Medicine, Firazyr!
That the medicine helps.
Working to maintain calm. (Including pulling back on excitement when looking forward to something so I don't self-destruct it.)
using the eat right for your blood type diet
using the eat right for your blood type diet
Being positive
Entender e Aprender a conviver com as duas doenças.
Getting Firazyr