Surgery, graft and pacemaker
Support of family and friends
combination of blood pressure medication
Talking to other people with the condition
Always take your beta blockers.
Work closely with GP & specialists.
Finding other survivors and reading their stories
Replacement of aortic arch and ascending sorts saved my life
Working with Great team of physicians on medication regimen.
Had my dissection type B at May 11:th 2012
Take it easy!
to be in contact with people with the same problem
Finding survivors of Aortic Dissection and putting them in touch with other AD survivors
Ensure meds are taken regularily and how perscribed.
I had a diet and loose 60 kilo in 1 year
Accepting my limitations
My 3 surgeries and my 2 strokes, put me on the map, have a graft from my heart to my Diaphragm with a mechanical Aortic valve in my graft near my heart.
Great successful surgeon = LIFE
Being with my family and friends....lowers my stress
Go with the flow
My wife is there 24 hours a day. good or bad day
Family & friends' support.
Big support from my wife
Finding other survivors
Eliminated processed food and caffeine from my diet
Changing my medication from labetalol to bystolic
Meds of course, but a very supportive husband and family.
From 2006-2009 I was an active group cycling (spinning) participant and went to the gym 4-5 times weekly to take a spin class and do other conditioning exercises- this was the only thing that helped my chronic depression that was worsened by my beta block
My Girlfriend which is of great support for me, besides my mother.
I eat a low-sodium diet, drink lots of water & get 7 hours of sleep most nights.
Regular light Exercise
Finding meds that works without too much sideeffects
Determination - really being a compliant patient and doing the things the health care professionals ordered...walking, eating right, sleeping enough, watching for signs... etc.
Information about condition through sites such as
Good health system in nz and aust
The seriousness the doctors are taking care of me.
Good medication and fitness
Support from family
Accepting limitations post op
Knowing without a doubt that Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior. Brings much, much peace. He is in control.
the sea, float in , look at or hear it
knoweldge gained after
Take your mecicines religiously
Cardiac ablation