Chiari malformation
My memory foam pillow, is firm but feels like I'm lying on air. Has helped me sleep much better which in turn has reduced morning headaches.
Seeking a True Specialist who identifies related conditions and disorders
Un buen hospital
Topamax to keep migraines under control.
Listen to my body...It's ok to say no or take a nap
Zonisimide changed my life
Finding a neurosurgeon who specializes in Chiari - Dr. Anthony Capocelli in Little Rock, AR
I read a lot to escape reality
My family's support and understanding.
Support from others
my husband and family, their understanding and support
Medical marijuanna prevents daily Chiari migraines.
Ice really helps my headaches
Sleep at 45 degree angle
having surgery within a year of being diagnosed
Fish oil
pain management
Concentrated oxygen sleep and memory
Changing my diet to reduce inflammation. No gluten, dairy, less processed foods, reduced sugar intake.
Having people understand what I am going through.
laying down couple hours a day
Massage therapy
educating myself on CM
Blessed with the time to deal with it now
Finally getting given the medication that works for me. Just a few hours sleep a night has made a huge difference.
Milkweed thistle, inflacom, turmeric is helping with inflammation. ( suggestions from my dr. )
just having supportive people around who try to help you when you need it really helped
Finding the right Dr's that are well equipped to take of us and willing to stay up to date on the latest research available.
not to push myself
Staying positive
staying postive.~ God is with me!
Decompression surgery
Heating pad
Caffeine is your best friend. I don't drink it every day but when I have really bad head pain it helps so much more than any medication
To tell you the truth the support that I need and no judgement when I can't do something or in need of rest.
Proper diagnosis
Horse liniment oil. Helps relieve pain.
Massages of my neck, shoulders and back. Try to find a massage school where they have great pricing!!!!
Earl Grey tea helps with some pain
Family & friends support system, Canine service animal