Being real, honest with yourself and others, support, rest etc.
On Thalidomide 100mg
Dr. Cagnoli and Iris at The Beals Institute and working to get me on the right cocktail of medications.
meditation help control my symptoms
An outstanding doctor as my champion!
Gluten,dairy and alcohol free, clean living.
prednisone, it keeps the ulcers at bay
Accepting my diagnosis
Eat well and get enough sleep
Plaquenil has given me back the use of my hands. I can't even fathom being off of it ever again.
What you eat can make a difference
Accepting that I'm different
Infleximab is keeping the disease controlled
My husband & children
Got proper diagnosis, stopped thinking it was "all in my head" or stress related
Better awareness of the disease
Die für mich perfekten Ärzte gefunden
Strict whole foods diet has made more difference than any meds
help from my friends and family
Compassion of people
My faith and prayer
The strength of my wife and son
Learning to live with stress and handling it differently.
Avoiding stressful situations and knowing my limits.
Finding a doctor that believed in me
Avoiding gluten has helped GI problems
Knowing WHAT was wrong with me...getting a final, accurate diagnosis.
Stress reduction
Positive thinking and doing sport changed my disease's attacks. I am having very rare right now
Pain meds
go to the sea
Regular visits to the dentist
Exercise, keep moving or it all stiffens up
my live bad withe disease
Being my own advocate and making doctors listen to me.
i just want doctors to find sumthing that really works
Prednisolone (can't get off it), lots of rest, more rest
Finding the right mixture of medication that's works!
Remicade has been a huge help in keeping my skin clear of acne spots ulcerations.
Centre of Excellence in London
A hot bath (helps while in the bath but not after)
Tramadol eases pain and helps me sleep at night