Is it easy to find a partner and/or maintain relationship when you have Cluster Headaches?

People with experience in Cluster Headaches give their opinion on whether it is easy or not to have a partner or to maintain a realationship when you are diagnosed of Cluster Headaches. What are the possible difficulties in having a relationship?

Couple and Cluster Headaches
12 answers
No it is not

Posted May 21, 2017 by Pepe922 2000
I don't have a partner and I don't want one. It's bad enough living on my own with it.

Posted Jun 3, 2017 by Maria 2001
No it is not if you do you are very lucky and they play a great part in helping you get thru it

Posted Jun 4, 2017 by Tim 2150
Well first and foremost be honest explain what they are and what they do to you explain they will make them feel helpless chances are slim that a relationship will last over 5 years because it truly destroys any normal way of Life

Posted Jun 11, 2017 by Jeff D 2000
It is not so evident to keep a relation healthy. You need a lot of understanding from your partner.

Posted Aug 29, 2017 by Yoda 4292
Most people don't want others seeing them suffer so badly. It's a very private thing.

Posted Oct 18, 2017 by Nigel 500
I think it is difficult to find a partner unless one has the attitude that this pain will not change who he/she is or defeat him/her. It is much easier if one is already in an established relationship with trust and a whole lot of love.

Posted Oct 26, 2017 by Lee-Alison 2000
She needs to understand first of all what the disease is and what its symptoms are .... Seeing suddenly a screaming man ... crying ... knocking his head in the wall in a crazy way .... it's not pleasant ... but with a little understanding and love everything goes well

Posted Feb 1, 2018 by Danny 3050
love can overcome everything... is this a serious questionnaire

Posted Nov 7, 2018 by Oliver 3000
Just like with any sickness it can be hard. If you find yourself the right person who wants to be there for you and support you it is possible.

Posted Nov 7, 2018 by MC 2500
It is not difficult. The partner must be understanding with your pain

Posted May 16, 2019 by vasilis 2500
I had a divorce, in part due to many health issues including cluster headaches. Until my diagnosis, it was hard to take care of myself, let alone ask for understanding! A diagnosis is my best advocate!

Posted May 20, 2019 by Kendra 4550

Couple and Cluster Headaches

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