dressing properly in the winter
Warming up the body part that hurts as fast as possible, like in warm water or holding a hot water bottle or other heat source
1 Cetirzine HCI 10 mg and 2 homeopathic BHI Allergy Relief Tablets as soon as I get up and after dinner without fail
1 telfast 180mg a day
Daily Alegra with Pepcid AC
Electric blankets
Caring and supporting family and friends
Keeping gloves in the car for chilly mornings
Avoiding cold water and cold temps
Familial Cold urticaria
Warm Clothes
I take hand warmers and wrap them around my stomach and legs with plastic wrap (underneath cloths) to keep my body warm when I'm out and about.
Knowing that others are also suffering helped me stay positive.
Dress in layers
Los antinflamatorios como enatiun, antipresivos como prosac . Estar alternando los antiinflamatorios pues es la única manera de hacer el dolor más llevadero
Daily dose of Zyrtech
Limiting stress
Covering up skin whe going out
Antihistamines sometimes.
Dapsone has helped
Vitamins. When I take fish oil and vitamins, the reactions are less severe.
Continue living life to the fullest. Just dress for the occasion.
Avoid the cold
Warm bath
Warm showers, several a day
Fleece lined leggings....
60 mg. of Allegra, 75 mg. of Zantac and 5 mg. Singular daily. Avui-q carried at all times.
Snow pants
Avoid the cold. :D
Finding a great immunologist and a GP who supports me
Pills (Xados) / braní léků (Xados)
Taking Zertec every day during the winter monthes helped me a lot
Spinal Taps generally relieve the pressure from the headaches.
im fine
Seeing an allergist and ruling out another underlying health issue gave me some peace of mind
Reactin helps in the winter.
being referred to professor George Du Toit at the urticaria centre has given us hope
That my family knew my disease
Avoidance of triggers (cold environments)
9 years with condition
I feel like taking fish oil, iron and B12 has made a difference.
Running in the rain brought on my first experience of Cold Urticaria
Zyrtec lessens symptoms
Preventative warming
Stay out of cold