Good night sleep
Glutten free
Pure Essential oils
Mi fuerza de voluntad
Taking a B12 spray has given me the much needed energy
Imurel tabletts
Dejar los nervios a un lado
ser muy optimista
En mi caso un buen cirujano
medicinal cannabis
Changing Diet to meet present health condition
Start using Adalimumabe every 15 days with Azatioprina.
Changing shift from nights to days
Clean eating (avoiding processed foods)
Exercise, despite not having the energy for it. Go for it.
Eating non processed food helps
Stopped eating processed foods
Staying active and going to gym even wih flare. Giving in sooner to hospital careno rewards for suffering
Recently have been on a gluten free diet
My dogs
Change of priorities
Drinking Sage extract relieved bad episodes
Humira injections have cleared the ulcer's
Taking medications
stopping steriods
Imurel tabletts
Positive Attitude
Modulen + probiotics
when I did my stoma operation
operation changed my life
positive attitude
Remicade Cada 6 semanas
Take each day by day
Taking care of my body and limiting processed foods.
Being a vegetarian
Vitamina D
when having pain, switch to liquids
I have recently started remicade infusions
Trying not to let lifes stresses control my disease
Asacol 800.