My supportive family and friends.
The volunteer work I do
My mom fights with me and is my advocit
steriods make my lungs better
If you're feeling alone, you're not alone; there are always people suffering the fight as you, you just need to be able to find them and socialise. Becoming close friends with someone with the same illness can make you feel 100% times better.
Two week hospital visits seem to give a good tune up on my lungs.
Moving to a warmer climate
My family
My family
Exercising/ singing/ dancing
The only disability is a bad attitude !!
The Cystic Fibrosis Friends Center has been established since 2008 to provide comprehensive health and medical services for all cystic fibrosis (CF) patients in all governorates in Gaza strip. An idea of establishing of the center was being originated, be
Get involved with everything don't miss out on anything!
больше находиться на свежем воздухе
Play outside
Praying to God.
Medicine without this i would be sick all the time
Healthy Lifestyle; Gym, Good Food, Positive Living Space
Swimming laps every evening for about 30min
Started orkambi 3 months ago
Positive energy!
Take Vitamins
Being pregnant with my first baby girl.
I started Just Breathe project and made a book
Drinking a lot of 1.5% Milk, around 2-3 liters per day
salt air from ocean!
moved to Florida from pa for the weather
Fisioterapia Respiratória todos os dias
feeding tube,vest treatment's
30 mins of Cardio weekly
Positive attitude
The love and support of my husband.
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Iniciar o tratamento da minha filha e ver ela ganhar peso
Uso de enzima pancreática
Encarar com coragem
Se apegar em Deus
Adesão ao tratamento
Austausch mit anderen Betroffenen
Lung Transplant
The amount I can accomplish despite my disorder.
My dog who we are training to become my service dog
I don't really know it yet but my vest has made a big impact on air way clearance