rubber band
Daily multi vitamin
Excision surgery with a qualified surgeon.
The London BFRB support group.
Finding a name for the condition I've had forever has changed my life. You're never alone.
Fidget toys help a little
Supportive significant other
My girlfriend's support has been amazing
Finding right mix of mess has helped get depression, anxiety and insomnia under control.
My dog helped me so much with ny depressions.
Talking openly with my grandma
Been a picker sience highschool
My husband who loves me no matter what
Long Term Treatment
Telling my best friend and my boyfriend was a huge relief.
Applying aloe vera gel topically on my fingers certainly helped reduce my proclivity to bite my nails and skin.
Facebook groups related to Dermatillomania have been excellent sources of support and information.
Moved my skin care products to the bathroom because I need a magnifying mirror to see my face clearly.
My boyfriend
TENS unit
Getting a low dosage prescription for Xanax to help in the moment of derealization
"lost" my hand mirror and pore tools.
My friends that always support me
My children
Setting alarms to remind me to take insulin has saved me so many high blood sugars.
5htp tabs (slow release)
Birth control pills.
Documenting, writing and creating artwork on your BFRB.
Talking about my condition with others who have it, or people who don't know what it is.
I keep my hands busy by painting my nails.
Getting more information, knowing that it is not normal
I'm not into adult coloring books, but I found a couple swear word ones on amazon and I cannot tell you how helpful it is to decorate different illustrations of the f word.
Music saved my soul.
Having great relationships and trustful friends
Keeping myself bussy helps a lot
My kids & grandbabies
Strong helping hand from my mother
Energy healing
Annette Pasternaks book was more helpful than I expected.
My mom who keeps reminding me that I am biting unconsciously.
My girlfriend is a great help when I have an episode.
I got rid of my tweezers.
Doing sport