Slippery elm root
Yoga. It can be toned down to suit your personal ability It helps to keep joints moving and muscles moving in efforts to prevent contracture and improve circulation and oxygenation to the blood.
lansoprazole 30mg twice a day helps with my sickness reflux
Humira injections have cleared the ulcer's
Having a baby that needs me allows me to keep fighting for my health.
horse are my therapist , my physio and lower my pain better than morphine. o do pain mangement too
Eliminated wheat, dairy, beef, and sugar from diet
Kenalog 40
Having a dr that listened and connected all my symptoms
Drinking Traditional Medicines Throat Coat tea helps soothe my throat
Drinking ginger tea
Cutting out caffeine
I am on Dexilant (GERD, hiatal hernia, & Barrett's esophagus), Phenergan (nausea), Ritalin, Hydroxyzine (Anxiety), Sulfazine & Diclofenac (RA), Vitamin D3 5000 IU (mood), Lisinopril, Synthroid, Naproxen, Novolog via pump, & Cyclobenzeprine (fibromyalgia).
Getting gluten out of my diet
Keeping yourself busy doing what your body allows you to do, charties are a great way you can help from home
Neurostimulator; I have two (upper body and lower body)
Slippery Elm, Manuka Honey and Liquorice DLG have helped me a lot.
Heating pad
Staying on my meds as prescribed
My Lumbar-Periotoneal Shunt has made a HUGE difference..
Aunque tenga dolor y otros ayasgos no dejo caer mi cuerpo en cama
Smaller meals, no pastry, no excess fat, no chocolate, no ibuprofen, no alcohol, very little caffeine, no red meat, no processed foods, no sweeteners, no cake
decreased my stress
Xyrem for my Narcolepsy/Cataplexy
Midodrine. puts a floor under my BP, which also reduces overreaction to very high bp.
Několik týdnů studování
PAF is incurable and untreatable.
Being downsized and forced not to work over 40+ hours every week has resulted in reduced pain.
Adult coloring books to refocus pain.
Rayos-- delayed release prednisone. Wake up fully covered.
Good Physio
Being active
I have been on prednisone for going on 2years, I have lymphoma and need 3 bone marrow biopsies every 3 months and Need 2 Rituxin chemo treatments to try to help both issues
Avoid excess vitamin A intake
Trying to be kinder to myself and not talk to myself in a way I wouldn't do to another person
Finding an exercise I can do
Learning to stick to taking my thyroxine regularly, on time, and checking levels often.
Home health care , IV hydration, Vitamin Bags
Dormir com um encosto para leitura
God: my faith has gotten me through the worst pain I've ever felt, and my ongoing chronic pain, illness, and disability.
Daith Piercing (migraines)