Cutting nightshades out of my diet (mostly) has had a positive effect.
Humira - turned my life around!
Vick's slave for pain relief and for bringing hem up for I&D
Keeping regular pulmonary visits, taking my annual PFT test, and using my mainteance medicine as directed.
Avoid potato's and nightshade
Supportive family and friends
Bolsa de água quente
Huile de tea tree oil qui favorise le perçage des abces
Association SOLIDARITE VERNEUIL - Correspondante Région Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Rest, pace myself then rest. Remembering tomorrow is always a new day.
Pomada bamitol
Treating Systemic Candida infection
Supportive family and friends
Manuka Honey taken orally. 3 Tbsp heated and eaten dairy until all inflammation is gone. 2 teaspoons daily as maintenance dose for life, daily.
Surgery has been the only things that has helped me. I have had 5 surgeries for HS in the past 3 years.
My best friend has been there the whole way and stuck by me the whole time and has been nothing but supportive and understanding the whole time.
No dairy
With this disease you really don't feel better.
Diet (some foods trigger flares for me)
Loved one
Diet: Auto Immnune Paleo Protocol
Joining support groups
Quitting dairy
Little has helped prevent outbreaks. Antibiotics are worthless, diet has little effect. Supplements like zinc & turmeric/curcumin has little effect. Dermatologist suggested Humira, but cannot afford with current insurance.
Lots of vegetables - doesn't improve HS, but makes my overall feeling better
Turmeric is amazing!
Not worrying about the expectations of others
Turmeric and Zinc
Minder stress
Eating whole foods and healthy fats.
Clindimican topical gel
A vitamina D mudou minha vida
Stopped smoking it helped
Dor absurda
Treatments have not worked yet
Vitamina D me ajudou.
Vicks vapour rub / self adhesive pads
Having a support system I feel is key
My husband is my rock
Only meds are antibiotics
Hibi scrub
Rest when I need to because I get really bad fatigue.
Diagnosed 20+ years ago.
Tratar de mantener el stress controlado