Tomar mi medicamento a diario siempre en ayunas.
Knowing what I can control and letting go of everything else.
Stretching exercises, ideally every day; long walks when possible; swimming in the Y lap-pool (cool temp really helps pain!), general exercise when I can tolerate it, the spa and steam room; when I can afford it a massage.
I joined groups on Facebook and the other members have helped me a great deal with my health issues.
Supportive family and friends
Finally accepting my need for a wheelchair.
Eliminating Gluten and Soy from diet
Learn absolutely EVERYTHING about the disease; the biggest cause of fear is ignorance!
Minhas nutricionistas especialistas em saúde da mulher
gluten free
Pain medication
Lumbar punctures, pain medication
Trying to be kinder to myself and not talk to myself in a way I wouldn't do to another person
Support of family and friends.
Validation. Being believed and diagnosed by medical professionals.
Ice packs!! I can't live without them every day
Tratamiento con corticoides pregabalina , acetaminofen más codeina, ciclorelax.
Acceptance. Accepting my disability and how it will affect my life has really helped. This isn't a cold or flu that I can get over, this is my life forever.
dejar el gluten
music helps me alot,
Cortisol replacement, and circadian dosing thereof
Extensive research into supplements and beginning regimen of supplements specific to my body's condition
When I started using synthroid
Gluten free diet
Low dose naltrexone, temazepam, tizanidin, bisoprolol, acetylsalicylic acid, DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA, progesterone cream, B12 supplements, iron + megadosing vitamin C, magnesium citrate, MCT oil, Cod liver oil, zinc picolinate, trace minerals
Great doctors!
Giving birth to my baby
Sleeping upright in a recliner is the only way I can sleep now.
I went a gluten free diet
Having a support system I feel is key
Potassum pills & Flod helped pain and numness go a way
Having support from my partner and friends
By constantly learning how my body behaves and works makes me feel better.
Gluten Free
God: my faith has gotten me through the worst pain I've ever felt, and my ongoing chronic pain, illness, and disability.
My son was there when I needed him the most
Zofran helps on occasion, especially IV
Finding support online
I had no idea that doxicycline was a dmard until I went to India. I took it for malaria prophylaxis and had so much less pain and better mobility.
Finally found an excellent counselor who has helped me immensely with depression, etc.,
Getting the 670G Medtronic pump.
Finding a Complex Diseases Management Specialist
Tuve graves de ahí cancer
Setting alarms to remind me to take insulin has saved me so many high blood sugars.
Had spinal cord stimulator use to help not any more