Summers attitude to everything
Hollie has passed
Positive people
knowing that we are not alone
Eating healthier
Yes I had high amounts of Pedersone
Quit smoking
My parents who were always by my side never letting me see how much this affected them
My husband always at my side even with so many hospital stays
Medical Marijuana, 22 months of chemo did not work. The MM is working.
Changed my diet, clean eating, lots of asparagus and water
My little boy has been disease free for 3 years now.
My brother,two sister's mom and myself all got cancer tattoos. It was huge since I was the only one who ever got or wanted a tattoo.
Stay positive
My mom, dad and brothers love me very much!
Currently being treated with Vinblastine and Prednisone
Currently being treated with Vinblastine and Prednisone
this is that shrink thing- 4:20
walking seems to help me strengthen my breathing
The support I got from my family and friends.
My son never complains.
attending Dr. Mc Clains clinic in Texas
Our 1 year son was diagnosed with LCH. Talking a lot and openly helps a lot
Seeing my baby girl be strong.
Desmopresina acetato
Parting ways with the beast that is the medical industrial complex. Better late than never.
My children
support from groups being parents going through this too
Yes I had chimo for 6 months
Moved to warmer weather during the winter (during cold and flu season)
My friends who are always there for me
I have such an amazing dr at Hammersmith in London who without him I wouldn't be here
Maintain that fire in your soul no matter what the doctors say to you.
Radiation on skull
My son has so much strength and resilience it astounds me!
My mom and dad who came and helped with my kids 2,3 and 14.
Never be afraid
I have been LCH free for 1 1/2 years!
My family
1 tumor removed from my left temple area
1 tumor removed from my left temple area
friends and white sand beaches
The love of the hospital staff (they spoil him rotten)
My mom taking care of me
He is only nine
everyone supporting me to fund my trips to texas